Happy bday to ...

This month is a birthday month to 3 people close to me and one good friend.  My second youngest son had his 21st bday this week, and I can hardly believe he's that old!!  sigh.
That's him...the brown haired kid on the right.  I think he's about 12 in this one.  ;)

and this one he's even younger...  isn't he cute?

                                                                and here's what he looks like now.
                                                                                        isn't he cute?  ;)  

Well...this month is also dad's bday.  Happy 85th dad, we were going to throw you the big party you've been avoiding for years, and you managed to avoid it all together.  Figures.  That's so you!  lol
 This photo is from one of his granddaughter's wedding day... wasn't he a handsome man???  We thought so...
miss ya dad.  I know you're happy and all, but anyway.
Happy bday.
It is also my sister's bday... Wonderful Lisa.  I wonder how old she would be?? I'm thinking she was about four years older than me, so she'd be about 58.  Looks good for her age...  ;)
Miss ya sis.  Your kids are doing awesome, but then, you already know that.

Well... I just had to say something about these wonderful people in my life.  I was looking for photos for something else and saw the pictures of dad and Lisa and thought, oh man!  Their birthdays would have been this week. 
Happy birthday everyone...And now pretend you hear 40 people singing happy birthday ---  out of tune.  ;)  That would be my family.


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