Happy Friday!

It's Friday and everyone has a reason to smile!  ;)
 Of course I have an even better reason...today is static electricity day so it gives me an excuse to zap my kids and they can't complain too loudly....of course you know that won't stop them, but now I have a justification, sort of...does that make me a bad mother?  lol  If my granddaughters were going to be at my house, it wouldn't take much to make their hair stand up on end, which is hilarious.  I could find a balloon and rub people as well...hmm, this might be really fun.  ;)  Especially for game night, lol.

It's also National Cassoulet day...which is sort of where casseroles came from.  I think cassoulet is a fancier way of saying the meal in a pot, but you know.  ;)  It's french, so everyone seems to think that makes it sound better.  I mean, everyone knows who Julia Child is, right?  She wasn't French!!  She was American!  But she is forever associated with French cooking.  ;)  And they'd be right...I'm not complaining.  But on the other hand, who would ever have thought escargot were snails??? 
Anyway, so you can throw a bunch of stuff together in a 9x13 and throw it in the oven and say you've celebrated the day!  ;)  Of course, you could always just eat whatever you like, which what most of us do anyway, right?
It's not likely we'll be having cassoulet, as it's my son's dinner night and that's not on his list of favorites.  ;)
Have a great weekend!!


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