ET come visit and other items... ;)

Today (in case you were wondering) is Extraterrestrial Visitor Day.  That means, for those of you who are nerdy that way, it's the day to have visitors from outerspace.  It's actually a day...go figure.  I'm sure it was organized by someone in the of those things where it's on someones wall on a calendar in some other galaxy and the mom is saying in the background "It was started over 50 years ago in some basement room on Earth..."  ;)
Whatever.  If you like Mork and Mindy - "Nanoo, Nanoo."

On the other side of this, my hubby was his usual spoiling me self and got me an early Valentines Day present.  sigh.  He is SOOO amazing...have I mentioned that before??  It's edible...and I had told my son the other day I didn't want some huge ice cream cake from Coldstone creamery because I'm trying to eat healthy, and I really don't like lots of sugary stuff anymore.


That was totally the wrong thing to say - hubby promptly informed me that I wouldn't like his present, that he'd tried to cancel it but it was already on the way.  I tried to convince him that I would love it simply because it was him, but it took some convincing.  :(  

Anyway - he tried to have them delivered to my work, and they got there a half hour after I  So I frantically texted him and asked if he could go pick them up on his way home because I wasn't going to be able to get there.  He graciously consented, and I waited all of 2 minutes before opening the large box to find out what he'd gotten me from Shari's Berries!

They didn't pay me to say anything, so don't think this is a paid ad, lol.  But I had to show off!  Aren't they gorgeous??
You can see I restrained
but the cutest thing were these!
Are they not the cutest thing you've ever seen???  In case you haven't noticed, I'm a BIG fan of ladybugs
I'm going to share these with my granddaughters, lol.  That's as sharing as I get...
Have a great week!


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