It's Wednesday and it's Raining!

Or it was, lol.  Hi everyone!  I hope you're enjoying the rain we're getting, it's been so dry this winter...I'm hoping the mountains are getting tons!  ;)

Today is actually Liberace day!  I had no idea that he got to have his own day. (I mean, he wasn't president...) I would think that everyone is old enough to know who he is...if not, he was an amazing pianist that was VERY flamboyant.  He wore lost of rings and flashy-rhinestoney clothing.  He and Elton John in his early years had a LOT in common.  ;) 

It is also Quacker I guess that means if you like to quack, or you have ducks, or you like ducks, this day is for you!  lol.  Personally, I like them at the park.  I grew up with ducks in my back yard in California.  We did not have a big they would come up on the back porch and poop...and poop...and poop!  It's amazing how much 7 ducks can relieve themselves in a 24 hour period.  I do not think they ate their weight in bugs, so I know it wasn't worth it when I had to go hose off the porch.  :}  UGH. 
We have a stuffed duck that my father-in-law owned that quacks songs.  ;) We'll have to play with the granddaughters with it today.  ;)

Anyway - Have a great Wednesday!  The week is half over, it's raining and we're happy!  How much better can it get?  (I know...chocolate, lol)


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