Top Favorite Romantic Movies

Okay - The Pioneer Woman blog had a list of favorite 10 romantic movies in honor of Valentines Day, and I thought I needed to do that.  I am a movie watcher (when I'm not doing other stuff, lol) and my hubby likes romantic movies with me.  We were talking about it the other day and it reminded me of some more as well, so here we go.

#1 (there are not really in best to worst order, just as I thought of them.)
Notting Hill

We have owned and thrown away and owned this movie - it's one of those that we really like some of the scenes, and yet...what can I say.  She sleeps with him!!  sigh.  :(  So, it's not like one you'd really recommend to anyone, but it's cute- especially at the end when he apologizes and tells her he loves her and then marries her...sigh.  SOOOO romantic.  ;)

Princess Bride
Ah...nothing says love like marrying the king and then killing yourself, lol.  There is just so much about this movie that is fun and quoteable.  We figure it's the iching of life - like most people look at the GodFather.  ;)

I don't know if I could define what my favorite part is...perhaps it's Miracle Max describing a MLT sandwich, or, it's Inigo and Fessik rhyming on the boat.  sigh.  like I said...can't tell ya.

The Lake House
I think I've mentioned before that I'm a Sandra Bullock fan.  I think she and Kianu Reeves act well together - they were awesome in Speed.  They're good in this one too.  I like how most of the most important times happen on the same date - Valentines day.  She saves him, and he saves her.  It's amazing.  I love the house too...although you'd think it had to be darn cold!!  ;)
It's another one that makes me torn though...they're living together and not married.  dang it .

A Walk in the Clouds
Another Kianu Reeves movie.  ;)  He is SOOO awesome in this one.  It's so nice!  It's clean too, he's married....and he manages to keep his honor and everything.  The girl is a little mixed up, but that's life.  And it's got lots of history in it thats really fascinating.  If you haven't seen it yet...chick flick!!  ;)

The parents are part of the greatness as neat to watch.

Return to Me
Oh man, this one is sooo good too.  It's a tear jerker at first, but then it mellows and ends with such sweetness!!!  You've got to watch it if you haven't seen it yet.  My hubby and I both like this one as well.  I tell ya, I'm lucky I can get my hubby to watch these with me!  Of course, there's times when I'll just curl up on the couch when no one is at home and pop one of these babies in...  ;)

I used to be a real big Drew Barrymore fan.  I guess I still am, she seems to have gotten her life together and isn't in the tabloids too much, lol.  (Like I have anywhere to judge) But she has made some sweet movies.  I think this is the BEST fairytale ever.  I love Leonardo DaVincci...
I love how romantic it is...especially when she meets him in the forest and then saves him from the gypsies.  ;)  Remember you can take what you can carry!

Never Been Kissed
This one tells such the tale of the looser highschool memories and the way we can over come all odds to become successful adults.  I could definitely relate to it, though I wasn't as bad off as the person portrayed in the movie...ugh!  But it's so sweet...the teacher is amazing and you have to love the end!!  ;)  Drew to watch it.

You've Got Mail
This one is another torn one.  They are both living with someone!!  Where are the morals people???  sigh.  But it is a terribly cute story, and it brings out the point that sometimes intense dislike is just love waiting in the wings.  It just depends on how far you want to overcome and how much they are worth looking into.  The main characters are basically both likable people, and want to have a good life.  The supporting actors are sooo good too.  sigh.  Love this one!!

Mirror Has Two Faces
Okay - how many of you have heard of this one??  How many of you are Barbara Streisand fans??  I agree with something my foster father said when I was living with them in California.  "She is not a very pretty woman, especially with that nose!  But when she acts and fall in love with her."  She is awesome, and Jeff Bridges is also - just so him.  ;)  If you haven't seen this - it's great!

mentioning Jeff Bridges made me remember this one from the 80's that was so awesome and romantic too.  Unfortunately its another one they sleep together in, but at least they don't show a whole lot.  ;(  just saying...warning ya.  It's a great romantic movie though, and a bit of a tear jerker at the end.  Just look at the know he's not staying on earth.  Though...they did build a whole TV series out of it.  ;)

and and a couple of honorable mentions...
Two Weeks Notice
another one of my favorites and stars Sandra Bullock...and Hugh Grant.  What's not to like with these two??  They have great chemistry together and I hope they made another movie some day.  They both have great comedic timing!  And he's so likeable in films.  ;)

and last but definitely NOT least....Sense and Sensibility
Who hasn't seen this one???  It's a perfect adaptation of Jane Austins book, as far as I'm concerned.  Hugh Grant does and awesome job, and so does Anne Thompson.  She is just amazing in all the rolls I've seen her play.  And then of course, Alan Rickman - I think it's the only movie where he really is always the nice guy!  ;)  So romantic.  Got to see it.

did I miss one of yours?  Let me know.  ;)


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