Happy Monday!

So...welcome to a new week.  I'm afraid it's going to be a long one, but it's going to be WAY busy...sigh.  But, there is some crazy stuff for today:

Get Over It Day - I'm sure they're referring to those of us who HATE daylight savings time, lol.  But apparently it's also telling people who are having a hard time letting anything go...to just get over it.  Okay???  sigh. The guy who invented it decided that there were other things in life and he needed to get over the breakup with his girlfriend.  People are supposed to get over their troubles and stuff in funny ways...so I guess you can have your take on that.  ;)

Fill Our Staplers Day.  Like we need a day to do that??  Some of us are filling them weekly...so, whatever.  Have fun with that!  ;)  I guess for some people it's a needed reminder like for us twice a year to change the batteries in our smoke detectors or something...fill your staplers!!  Mark...get set...go!  ;)

Napping Day!  I so totally like this one!  I think we should all get to nap this afternoon!  Don't you think that would be awesome?  I hear that in Mexico and some European countries, they have a sponsored nap time!!  Sometimes we Americans are just so far behind the curve...lol.  Though they are catching on.  There's a company in New York that offers a place to take naps...  They say the power nap is a boost to productivity.  20 to 30 min naps...  Problem is, it takes me at LEAST that long to fall asleep, and then when I wake up I'm groggy and have the worst time falling asleep at night...so sorry guys.  Enjoy your naps!!

Panic Day - perhaps that's for those that realize they only have five weeks to file their taxes??  lol.  I'm not sure why they'd have a Panic day, but then, why do we have any of these silly holidays???  It's probably for those that have given into their fears that the zombie apocalypse is on it's way and they don't have their protective cellar...

And last, but I guess not least, is Joe Franklin Day.  Anyone even know who Joe Franklin is??  Apparently he was a well known TV announcer who died in January.  I had never heard of him, but thought perhaps one of you might have.  I guess I'm uncultured, lol.  But hey, I've heard of Johnny Carson!

Well, hopefully that gave you something to chuckle about and start your day.
Hope you had a great weekend!


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