Welcome back to winter!  lol  can't believe it's March and we finally get snow...  ;)  The mountains are loving it.

We have a couple of really silly items today.  I tried to find something note worthy to mention yesterday, but just couldn't find anything I wanted to post.  Today's is kind of a stretch, but I thought we could use something to make us smile today...and then it snowed!!  :)  So now we have double reasons to smile...we'll have water this summer!  (well, we can hope)

Anyway - 
It's National Anthem Day!  Everyone remember the words?  We should take a moment during lunch and have everyone sing it together.  Maybe  You can all sing it in your heads.  Or watch a taped baseball game - those are some of the best anthem singing.  How about a REAL game?  ;)

Peach Blossom Day...  Okay, I guess that's to remind us that spring is on it's way?  I'm not sure, I know they're pretty.  ;)

and last but not least, and made me laugh:

I Want You to be Happy Day.  So...who do you want to be happy?  Give them a hug and tell them this day is in their honor!  There are some I know that will say, 'great - you want me to be happy? Stop hugging me!' lol.  

Well...whatever you do today, I hope you have a great one.  


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