The Tale of 2 Plays...

Well...I meant to post this last week, and didn't get to it.  It was a crazy week, what can I say??
Monday we went to Davis High's production of Pride and Prejudice.  It was awesome.  ;)
Tuesday we went to Layton High's Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.  It was excellent too.
After we watched Chitty, I asked my hubby which one he liked better...I was surprised to hear him say that he liked the acting in Pride and Prejudice better.  It's hard to compare two things when they are rather dissimilar.  A musical as compared to a play...
That's difference #1.  And it's kind of a big difference.  The singing in Chitty was REALLY good!!  I was really impressed.  The king and queen of Bulgaria were soooo funny and had good chemistry.  The two spies were funny...but it was a little forced...  The parts of Potter and Delicious were good...but there wasn't as much acting as singing...the children were really good!  I was really impressed with them.
Pride and Prejudice had much better acting.  I would have rather they had mics, which Chitty had...but my hubby said he liked that they didn't have mics and had to speak up.  They should have spoke up a little louder...But they did several parts better than shown in the movies we've seen.  Mary isn't so much as plain as just not interested.  I almost thought she'd end up with the cousin, but that would have REALLY changed the story line, lol.  We were confused with Kitty for a while, because she was introduced as Katherine.  What???  The kid that was the cousin was PRICELESS!!  He totally nailed that part!  It was awesome.  ;)  The mother did really well too, but the aunt and uncle that Elizabeth goes to the country with??  They were sooo cute!!  you could have sworn they were really old people!!  It was awesome!!

Anyway - I guess I liked Pride and Prejudice better, but Chitty was really good too.  My kids all said they wanted to see the Dick VanDyke version now (which they have all seen, but don't seem to remember).  I think that's a good sign, don't you?  So I guess that will be another nights viewing...

Hope you had a great day!


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