It's Friday!

And I'm a little excited, can you tell??  lol  I texted my hubby and wanted to send the happy song, but it wouldn't play...  :-\  oh well.

I hope you have all had a great week.  It was fun to get some actual snow, huh?  At least we got lots in the mountains, which we really need.  ;)

Well, today we have three items.

First is National Sibling Day.  So if you have siblings, give them a call, a hug, or slug them in the arm, which ever way you use to show affection in your family, lol.  I happen to have a bushel full of siblings, and I'm thankful for each one of them.  ;)

We have Safety Pin Day today.  Safety pin day??  I tell you, some people are thankful for the smallest things, or perhaps celebrate the smallest things, lol.  But where would we be without safety pins??  They are a lifesaver for mothers...especially back when we used cloth diapers.  Oh my...

and lastly - we have Farm Animals Day.  While most of us live in relatively suburban locations, there are still lots of farms around with animals, and they are really cute this week!  lol.  Last weekend was the petting thing up at the Heritage farms in Logan area, and I believe this week it's going on at This is The Place Park.  We have neighbors that are selling bunnies...but I don't think they're really farm animals.  I'm not sure why we'd celebrate them other than that's where we get our milk, cheese, eggs and meat, right?  Well, since I like all of those things, I'll celebrate it!!  ;)

So, hope you all have a great weekend!  The weather is supposed to be gorgeous and we can all enjoy the spring flowers that are blooming everywhere.  I have two red hawthorn threes blooming in my yard right now, the only time of year I like the darn things, lol.


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