It's Wednesday!!

And there's much to be happy about!  ;)  I'm just enjoying spring, ya know?  It's fun to get up in the morning and hear the birds chirping.  I don't know what it is about it, but it makes me smile.  ;)

Anyway - today is a couple of fun things.

It's Earth Day!  Or Mother Earth Day, depends on how you look at it, lol.  Aren't we glad we have this earth?  I think it's amazing.  So we can all go hug a tree today...or is that arbor day?  I guess we could just not kill an ant or spider today?  Or would that be kind to insects that you hate day?  Hmm...  Whatever.  ;)

It's Global Selfie Earth Day...NASA's spin on earth day, lol...was that a pun?  Spin on earth?  my hubby would appreciate that one...)  I guess they figure the astronauts can take pictures from space, so it's a selfie.  sigh.

It's In God We Trust Day!!  Which is an interesting thing to celebrate, but I think it's cool there is actually a day that celebrates the words of what's on our money.  I mean...aren't we called capitalist by communist countries?  So they would think money is our I getting political?  I'll stop now...;)  Anyway, according to  “In God We Trust” first appeared on U.S. coins after April 22, 1864, when Congress passed an act authorizing the coinage of a 2-cent piece bearing this motto. Thereafter, Congress extended its use to other coins. On July 30, 1956, it became the national motto. 
(which is

Interesting...we have a motto that currently, most Americans (or I should say the press) would have deleted.  I mean, how dare we trust in something that not everyone believes in???  sigh.

And then of course - today is Administrative Professionals Day or Secretaries Day!  Happy day to us!! 

You are all AWESOME!  I hope you have a great day.


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