Welcome to a new week!

Hi everyone!  Hope you had a great spring break - depending on your status, lol.  We certainly didn't get everything done we were going to, but I did get 2 books read, which was a treat for me!!!  ;)

Anyway - several items for today.
It's Hostess Twinkie Day!  For those of you diehards who have to have the original, I hear it's back so go find your package and eat your preservatives!  lol

It's National Student Athlete Day - for those parents who have kids in school sports, my hats off to you.  My son being in track last year was a total eye opener.  Man, sure you can compete in sports if you can afford the uniform and shoes and...  ;)

Charlie the Tuna Day! 
Everyone who remembers when they first saw a Charlie Tuna commercial raise your hand!  He was awesome.  ;)

Tartan Day.  Anyone with Scottish ancestry who has a family tartan, I don't think you'll want to wear it to work, but it would be a good day to pull it out and have a family discussion about the family colors.  We have two lines in my family, mine, and my hubbies.  When my niece married a young man from Scotland, we were worried there might be a fight at the reception, but everyone behaved and the (Mc)Beans didn't wear their family tartan in favor of the grooms family...  ;)

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Day.
 I didn't even know we had our own day!!  Kind of funny.  What do we do for our day?  Perform acts of service? lol  FHE for that one...  (and we know all the members in Haiti, Thailand and the Ivory Coast are doing a happy dance!!)

Tater Day.  This is specifically sweet potatoes...so I guess if you didn't already have plans for dinner, you could include sweet potatoes in some fashion.  Anyone like sweet potato pie??  I don't think it tastes the same as pumpkin...

Are we having fun yet??  So anyway, there ya go.  Plenty of reasons to celebrate, though personally, Easter is plenty of reason on it's own.  ;)

I hope everyone had a chance to watch the excellent church video church video, it makes me cry every time.  ;)


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