After a Crazy Week...

Today is a bit more calm. 
There are only two things today: 
National Day of Reason and National Day of Prayer.
I find it interesting that they are on the same day...the two definitely go together.  I hope all of you are able to enjoy reasoning with those around you and definitely keep a prayer in your hearts.
The calm isn't going to last too long for me, I have two showers this evening.  One is a bridal shower and one is a baby shower.  sigh.  At the same time!  Fortunately, they are only three houses away from each other, so we can drop into both and it won't be a big deal.  Shopping for them yesterday was a trial though...  Usually I'm excited and have all sorts of ideas.  Not so yesterday.  My daughter and I went shopping for 2 hours and finally had something to pull together.  ugh.
I did find a nice new white skirt though.  ;)  There's always a bright side!
Have a good one.


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