Are We Done Yet?

So...I'm sitting here thinking...2 weeks left of school!  I think many of the teachers feel like they're on a road trip with kids in the back seat saying "Are we there yet?" every five minutes? lol.  Their students are close to binging off the walls for summer vacation.  And this weekend is the kick off to everything, right?  ;) is National Hummus Day.  For those of you who are clueless...Hummus is basically ground chickpeas with tahini and other stuff added, like grilled red peppers, or avocado, or whatever you can think of.  Sabra is a national chain that is supporting this national you can go there and get a coupon and stuff like recipes.  Personally, I like hummus and I make it myself at home without a lot of oil, and no tahini (some kind of sesame seed paste).  Anyway, I like it but, the rest of my family...not so much.  ;)  What's your favorite kind?  I think it's best with those thick pita chips... 

National I Need a Patch For That Day.  If you could have a patch to put on to take care of an issues, what would you pick?  A weight loss patch?  A anxiety patch?  I never heard of this holiday till this year...I thought it was about a patch on your clothes, cause I grew up patching my clothes, okay?  lol.  But it's not that kind of patch.  So...I guess it's something...what would you want a patch for?

It's also Zombie Day...if you're into Zombies, you should be thrilled.  Apparently back in 2011 they were claiming the world was going to end on October 21st, and anyone who survived would be a Zombie, or live in chaos, etc.  Well...obviously the world didn't end on that date in 2011...but zombie day lives on...LOL.  isn't that ironic.

And last - A Day Without Shoes.  Some of you may have heard of this before, but I hadn't.  There's a company out there called TOMS, and today when you send in a photo of your bare feet, they will contribute a pare of shoes to a child.  At the time I'm writing this, there have been 259,582 pares of shoes donated!  So everyone needs to take a photo of your bare feet.  That's easy for the end of the summer my hubby tells everyone that I belong to the Blackfoot tribe...  lol.

So - hope you all have a great day!  It's kind of fun to have sunshine, though I hear from the weather reports that it's temporary.  I'm grateful for rain, but it is nice to see the sun once in a while and know that the sky is not permanently gray, right?  ;)


I tried to upload my daughter's and my feet for the Day Without have to have an instagram account.  sigh.  Since I don't, and I won't ever, I hope someone out there will do it in my place.


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