Did you wear Nylons or Stockings?

Hey everyone!  It's Friday!!  That means we get to party and relax (maybe.)

So - today has quite a few items.

National Chicken Dance Day!  Who would have thought they'd dedicate a day to this??  lol.  Anyone know how to do it?  Here's a link to some kids doing a version...it's cute.  ;) 

National Nylon Stockings Day.  Apparently on this day in 1940 the first nylon stockings went on sale.  I believe the first ones used to have seams up the back of the leg.  ;)  I grew up with pantyhose, which was created in the late 1950's, early 1960s.  Thank heavens!  Though, have to say, don't wear them anymore...lol.  TMI?  sorry!

National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day!  Now that's a holiday to celebrate!  And I was thinking about making these last night...now I have a real excuse!  Well...as if we ever need one to make cookies, right?  ;)  So how do you make yours...with Semi-sweet or milk?  Because in my family, it's semi-sweet all the way!!  lol  I have to admit, we don't use much butter anymore - too greasy!   

 It's Stars and Stripes Forever Day - in celebration of the first public performance of John Phillip Sousa's immortal tune... Here's a link in case you haven't heard it in a while, performed by the official Presidents band...(didn't know there was one)

It's Bike to Work day!  ;)  There's a teacher here who does that everyday - a distance of about 10 miles one way...anyone else?  My hubby used to until he didn't have a work vehicle.  It's kind of hard to tote a computer and wires and boxes and...lol

And last but definitely not least....National Pizza Party day!!  Yeah!!  Can I heard an AMEN??  I think I've mentioned that pizza is my favorite food before... ;)  So, party, party, party...lol.  What's your favorite kind?  We LOVE Godfathers, but you can't find them anymore.  Roundtable is pretty good too, but if you can't have either of them, Dominos is next.  And there's arguments in my family to what kind of topping...pepperoni, ham, pineapple, bacon, the list is endless.  We usually make our own with eggs instead of yeast.  Yummy stuff.  ;) 

Well, whatever one you choose to celebrate, have a good one!  and an excellent weekend!


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