Happy Mother's Day!!

Just wanted to let everyone who is a mother know they are loved and appreciated, even if it's not by their offspring that made them mothers, lol.  Because I know that's how I feel many times, I want to share a hug.

Mother's day is sometimes a day of angst for me, and father's day is the same for my husband.  We see many people who we feel are better parents than we are, we hear accolades about how wonderful several people are, and we feel inadequate, less than perfect in every way, and wish we could go hide till the day is over.  Sigh.

I'm sure there are other women like me out there (at least I'm hoping I'm not alone)...who are torn between wanting to feel special and loved and showered with attention and gifts from my children and wishing they would just behave and be nice to each other and the world.  If my children were more perfect, then I would possibly feel more accomplished as a parent.  Unfortunately, we cannot make their choices for them, so we have to let be and accept them for what they are and the lives they choose.

Dang it.  ;)

That whole free choice thing, right?

Well...so take a deep breath, let it out, close your eyes and pretend there isn't another sould on the beach with you.  Sink your toes into the warm sand, listen to the crash of the waves on the shore and the cry of the seaguls overhead and try to imagine the warmth of the sun on your skin.  It's your day.  Hopefully you'll get to do something you want to do.  ;)

Remember you love your kids, right?

Sure you do!  And they love you, no matter how they behave or what they are doing.  YOU are their mom.

Good luck.  ;)


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