It's May and it's Monday!

Hi everyone!  I hope you had a great weekend!  It sure was nice weather.  ;)  We are going to be in for an interesting week of silliness.  Today it starts off with:

Intergalactic Star Wars day...(May the 4th be with like anyone else in the universe knows or cares about Star Wars. (I know, a real fan will hunt me down) "These are not the droids you're looking for..."  sigh.  Just because all my children are eagerly anticipating and arguing over the new one coming out...

International Firefighters day.  Funny how I never think about other countries having firefighters.  Makes sense, I guess they would be more used to putting out fires from stuff besides just someone burning down their house from turkey friers...right?  They obviously don't have an Uncle Sy.  ;)

Okay - International respect for chickens day?  Really?  What, respect them for their eggs and before we eat them...?  ;)  They are mean buggers!  Have you ever owned any?  I have lots of neighbors who own them...I think I'll respect my neighbors putting up with them.  ;)

and last...
Petite and Proud Day!  For those who are 'petite' (short) and proud of it!!  Yeah!  Reminds me of a song when I was a teenager "Short people have no reason, short people have..."  lol.  anyone remember that song?  It would be totally politically incorrect now, and never would have found air time.  ;)  I have some neighbors who has a daughter that is SHORT and one time giving a talk in church pulled over the children's stool so they would have to raise the podium for her to speak.  She said she's always wanted to do that.  ;)  I know I get frustrated when I can't reach things, and I'm not considered short...though I think my kids might disagree, lol.

Well, have a great day!!  It's May, it's sunshiny, the flowers are blooming and the birds are singing!


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