Monday, Monday... ;)

I hope you all had a marvelous weekend!  It was a mix for me...but ya know.  ;)  Staying up till 2 am Saturday night trying to get the floor screwed down is for the younger generation...sigh.  ;)  Mother's Day was lovely though.

Today is a couple of things.

Eat What You Want Day!  I think all of us like an excuse to eat what we want...personally, that was kind of what yesterday was for me.  ;)

Hostess Cupcake Day.  Well...anyone who likes to get their sugar fix in that fashion, there ya go!!  Especially since they've come back to the stores.  ;)

And one that's odd....  Root Canal appreciation day.  UGH!  Who would want to appreciate root canals??  I've had a few, and they're not like, a nightmare - though I wouldn't really want to celebrate it.  Really? 

Like I've mentioned before, I wonder who thinks up these things and how they become recognized!!  I think I'm going to have to think up my own holiday to have celebrated.  I think we ought to take a poll and see what we can up with.  ;)
Anyway - have a great day!!


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