More for your smiles...

Greetings!  So...Hope yesterday was a great day for you.  Today is only a couple of things...
It's International Nurses Day - if you know a nurse (and we have a couple in the Vista building where they officiate out of, lol) give them a hug.  They are amazing women (and some men) and do a difficult job.  I tell ya, I couldn't do it.  ;)

National Nutty Fudge Day - Like fudge?  This is your day!!  Especially with nuts!  I personally like the kind with nuts better than without.  Mmmm...

Limerick Day!  so in honor of the day, here is my attempt:

                          There once was a teacher of children
                           Who loved to have animals visitin'
                          That was all fine and dandy
                              Till a bear stole the candy
                             and now the visitor list is limiting.  ;)

Have a good one!!!


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