Okay - am running around like crazy today, but had to write a short post about this article at the

I'm not a big pageant fan as far as watching them.  I think the women who compete in them are braver than I am for sure...and I wonder what drives them.  But after watching Miss Congeniality, I appreciate them a little more.

Well...even more after reading this article on two LDS women who upheld their standards for the pageant of Ms United States.  I recommend anyone who is interested to read it.  And then look at the comments at the bottom.  Really??  sigh.

It amazes me what people think and how they feel they have to comment on everything.  The internet has definitely changed polite conversation and public voices.

I'm hoping that these women will have an impact on future pageants and encourage the directors to pick outfits that they can choose to be modest in.  It's just awesome, that's all I can say.  ;)

I'd post a photo, but there's a great one at the Deseretnews site.

Have a great day!!


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