Embrace Your Geekness! And other silliness...

Okay...so I never claimed to be a geek, though I guess I married a partial geek (he does NOT carry a pocket protector with pens in it!) but there are some things that we are both very geeky about.

Why am I mentioning this??

Today is national Embrace Your Geekness Day!  So...I guess we're all proud of the fact we can work the VCR/DVD DirectTV remote, whatever, lol.  Can troublshoot basic computer issues (is the computer turned ON?) and figure out email on our phones (though we still don't read it there, lol).  How about you?

It's also National French Fries Day!  Now that's a day to celebrate!  I love specific french fries.  We have a local mom&pops here that has the best french fries, and of course fry sauce!!  We do homemade fries all the time (baked NOT fried) and sometimes we make sauce...  sigh.  What's your favorite place for fries?

We had a good weekend, seemed a little short, but still am almost finished with the kitchen. Saturday night went to see the King and I with my mother-in-law.  The cast did a great job - I was really impressed with how they did the theater piece.
But I think I liked the original film with Yule Brenner a little better, I told my hubby I guess we need to rent it now so the kids can see it.
But the thing is, now that I'm an adult (well...gosh, I guess I am anyway) my views on it are vastly different than at a carefree youth.  My first thought was where does she get off telling a king that she doesn't have to do what he says??  And then to interfere with his government?  She should have been executed or sent home on the first ship available.  I realize that it's basically a love story...sort of.  But it's also a tale of how England tried to force it's ideas of civilization or proper social behavior on everyone in the world.  Whether it was right or wrong.  Yes, there were many issues in that country (Siam) that needed fixing, but it takes longer than a couple of years to change the mind of a people steeped in tradition.  sigh.  Okay...I guess I'm off my high horse now.  ;)

Anyway - going to be in the 90's all week...so still in the swing of summer.  ;)  Hope you have an excellent day!!   Be sure and eat some french fries...lol


clarissa said…
Don't we all love french fries?

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