Happy Canada Day!

Well...since my hubby served an LDS mission to Toronto Canada, we have always been somewhat tilted toward the Canadian side of things.  ;)  If you've read my blog during October, you know we celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving, so we get turkey twice a year!  ;)

Today is kind of a double celebration (ha, kind of a pun actually) as our twins were born today!!

here's a bday photo from when they were like 8...Grandma was helping with riding the new bikes.

here they are about 19 or so...the one on the left side and the one on the far right.  ;)

Here they were 2009.... we were all at Fish lake and they decided everyone had to have braided hair, lol.  twin 2 on left, twin 1 on right front...

Here is kind of the most recent photo...2012.  Kind of hard to tell...but the one on the left is twin 1, and the one right behind me in the middle is twin 2..on her wedding day - her hubby is the one to the right of her.  Fun day!!  

sigh.  Can't believe how fast time has gone.  Well...
So - hope you all have an awesome Canadian Day and celebrate with the ones you love.  


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