Vacation, Chocolate and Lasagna, oh my!

Did  you miss me?  You didn't even know I was gone, lol.  My family and I went on a trip to Island Park, Idaho, and it was the BEST!  sigh.
we managed to snag a kid who was taking photos of his grandparents and asked him to take one for us.  ;)

It was gorgeous weather the whole time we were up there - didn't really rain till the day we left.  That was the day Jackson Hole got snow in the mountains!  lol
We did have 2 times where we had buffalo in the road...second time was pretty scary, I was afraid it was going to broadside our car!  But they didn't threaten anything...and one of them even went down the road in line with the cars, it was hilarious!  I took photos of it, but didn't realize until we got home and I looked at the photos that the windshield was so DIRTY!!  lol's not the best picture.

Now we have to come back home and deal with the regular stuff, ya know?  But it's good.  ;)  I have a sink in the kitchen, with a faucet!!  That means we have running water in the kitchen again!  ( everyone sing Cool and the Gang with me..."Celebrate good times, come on!")  the kids are excited to not be washing dishes in the tub anymore, lol.  Me too!  Hubby says next project is figuring out what's wrong with the dishwasher...sigh.

here's the sink before the faucet...

And here it is after last night.  

It was cool that we were able to get it replaced for free.  I tell ya, Price Pfister is good for their guarantees!  We purchased this faucet a while ago, and have had to contact them twice.  Both times they were friendly and replaced the issues with no hassle.  (and no this is not a paid opinion, lol)
anyway - so there's that.  I still like the tile around the edge. 

I am making some changes to my home.  I decided a couple of weeks ago that I have way tooo much clutter in my life.  When I go back to work, it's going to be an effort to keep things clean again, (adult children are SOO not helpful...sigh) so, I've decided I really need to evaluate how my kitchen is set up, how my desk is situated, and get rid of some of the tacky nick-nacs that I am not emotionally attached to.  Hubby is going to be in a little shock, I know.  My autistic son is already having issues with the changes we've already made with the remodel.  I took the paper towel roll holder down because it's not in a convenient place, and he wasn't happy with that either, lol.

So - last night we picked up a free entertainment center that hubby suggested last year I get for my painting supplies.  He's so brilliant...there are sooo many times I'm thankful I married him!!  
Anyway - so now it's time to clean out the desk, situate the entertainment center, and fill with my art supplies!!  It's going to be an official office/studio now!!  wow...I think I'm excited.  ;)

I'll post some photos when it's all situated.  I'm still trying to decide how it's going to work...sigh.

And - because I'm still a silliness's the wacky holidays for today!  And just as a SHOUT OUT to Brownielocks and her site -- it's where I get these holidays from...there's a button on the sidebar that will take you to their page.  They are awesome, and I've had so much fun getting the information from them.  ;)  Sorry folks...I didn't make these all up.....(should have mentioned that sooner....sigh)

Yesterday was chocolate milk day...and I'm sorry I didn't post it.  Everyone go celebrate today in it's honor!!  Doesn't everyone like chocolate milk??
Anyway - today is Lasagna day!!  Now if only we had the stuff to make it....sigh.  Will have to look into that for sure.  ;)
And - National Chicken Wing day...but I'm not really into chicken wings, tooo little meat - but for those of you who are, enjoy!  ;)


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