Are We Dry Yet?? I might have mentioned that we had a flood in our basement (of sorts) this past Tuesday, when we received almost 3 inches of rain...sigh.  It was a pain to clean up because it was in our workout room, which has those thick black mats all over the floor...and those are what got wet.  So, we didn't want mold and mildew and stuff, so we had to move all the equipment, and haul the mats out and clean them off, dry them, dry the floor, then put everything back.  It put my hubby's back out, drove us all batty, and we were so glad when it was over and done.
Then yesterday we got a microburst.  Oh boy.  I was doing the Layton FEST...remember me mentioning it?  And here we are, having a fun old time, painting bookmarks for some cute girls and suddenly the wind picks up.  Hubby comes over and says that he sees lightning coming our direction, and we should probably pack up...well, it's not a simple thing to pack up an easy up and tables and all my paintings...which took a good half hour or so to set up in the first we started packing things up, and then suddenly - Whoosh!  Here's a link of some photos...  It's pouring rain and the wind is whipping things around and we're in panic mode trying to get all of the stuff protected!  Hubby ran and got the car and loaded stuff up while my future daughter-in-law helped me gather everything under the eazy up and hold onto it so it didn't get blown over.  He was soaked to the skin by the time we got everything in!!  That man deserves a medal! 

So....anyway - guess what flooded again?  That's right...the workout room.  :(  Oh fact, it was worse than before!  So...that's what we got to do today, pull everything out and set up the mats to dry and the floor to dry so Monday we can put it all back together.  Hubby built up a little cinderblock retaining wall so that hopefully it doesn't happen again.  He thinks it was because last year we leveled the dirt for the above ground pool we got, and the water flowed toward the house instead of out and away...sigh.  And his back is still out from the previous adventure, and then working to get everything put away yesterday made it worse....  sigh.  Poor man!!

So, that's our excitement for the week!  And weekend...

Anyway - because I have a minute while my daughter is finishing up her experimental taco pizza rolls (which have turned out very nice...just took 2 hours to do, lol) so I thought I'd get today's wacky holidays out, since there are a couple.  ;)

International Cat Day!  Yeah!! All cat lovers rejoice! lol.  We have too many cats...and they aren't indoor cats, so they're a little mangy looking, but we still put up with them.  Three of them are black, two of which have white spots in various locations.  A tiger stripe that's the best looking of all of them...she's a puff ball and a little on the feisty side.  A long haired siamese that needs to be shaved - BAD.  sigh.  Anyway - yeah cats!! 
(this is my drawing - copyright people!  ;)  )

The Date to Create - I'm not sure what this means, but perhaps it's to encourage people to use their imaginations and know, create?  whatever...but I thought it looked good.  ;)

Happiness Happens DAY!!!  Now I like phrases like that!  Instead of Stuff Happens, Happiness Happens, okay??  And it usually happens because you choose it, so everyone choose to be happy today!  I usually do, and I like being happy.  Hey, most of you know my favorite song is, "Happy," right? lol.  ;)

National Bowling Day.  Well...I used to like to bowl, when I could actually play, lol.  We haven't gone bowling in AGES.  I'm not sure why, except that we'd rather do other things than toss a big ball and see if it lands in the right place, lol.  Mine usually end up in the gutter's sad.  It's hilarious to watch my left handed son bowl...

Sneak Some Zucchini Onto Your Neighbors Porch Night.  Wow...that's a first.  We usually sneak it into peoples cars at church when the doors are unlocked,...  ;)  but those of us who didn't get a chance to get a garden in, we REALLY WOULD APPRECIATE SOME!! 

And's ODIE DAY!!  Everyone likes Odie, right?  The loveable brainless sidekick of Garfield?  The poor dog who almost always gets the short end of the stick, and usually Garfields foot...  Sometimes he turns the tables, but anyway, everyone go read some comic books of Garfield, because watching one of those movies just isn't the same.  ;)
Have a great weekend!


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