First Booth of the Summer and More...

Okay - so I messed up.  I should have posted yesterday because it was National Root Beer Float day!!  How could I miss that???  sigh.  Hopefully you heard about it somewhere and  No one should miss out on root beer floats.

But first...what I mean by first booth, is I'm going to be doing a booth at a local farmers market for the next three months!!  (taking  nervous deep breath)  This is kind of a big step for me, I've done booths before, but generally they've been for food - not my paintings.  I mentioned to one of my neighbors last night at a pot luck dinner that I was doing a booth today and she didn't even know I painted.  GROAN.  I keep trying to get the word out...but it's like banging my head against the wall

SO....Layton City is holding Layton FEST and I'm going to be there with paintings to buy, making bookmarks and gift cards.  If you're in the area, come check it out.  ;)  I'll be happy to see a friendly face.  Let's just hope the weather cooperates....

So - let's get to it.
Today is Lighthouse Day!
If you like lighthouses, than you'll be wishing you were next to one...sigh.  I remember there is one in San Diego that is pretty cool.  My hubby and I ate lunch there one weekend when we were celebrating one of our anniversaries.  ;)  Good times...
Anyway - onward.  ;)

Kool Aid Day!  Everyone remembers the sugar drink growing up, right??  And I fed it to my kids for most of their lives...till I decided sugar was a bad thing and then started using other sweeteners.  Anyway...still a fond memory.  ;)  Who remembers the Kool Aid guy??  "Hey, Kool Aid!"

And last that I feel to mention...Homemade Pie Day.
Not going to happen in my home, but hey, somewhere I hope someone is making pie!  I have to of the best things about pie is the crust!!  lol.  The filling is good too, but when it's a fruit pie...the crust is always the first thing I test out.  If it's good, the pies a winner.  ;) 

Well...need to get some painting and other things done for this afternoon.  Have a good one!!


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