Happy Saturday! Lots to celebrate!

Hey everyone!  I'm listening to Pandora, and Cool and the Gang are singing Celebration...let's all boogie..."let's celebrate, it's alright....we're gonna have a good time tonight," lol.  I know, I'm a spaz.  (Need to warn you I'm in a bit of youtube mood today, so there's lots of links to videos, enjoy!)

Anyway - there is lots to celebrate today!  I have to admit, I kind of skipped on yesterday because we just had too much going on.  Today's not much better, but I have a moment, so I'm taking it.  I've given myself 15 min to try and pull this together, we'll see how it goes.  ;)

Girlfriend day!  Everyone one of us that has a girlfriend, best friend, etc., tell her thanks!!  This is their day!  ;)  (Hey Linda, Cyndi and all the rest - you're the best!  lol)

National Mustard Day!  Okay...I'm not a big mustard fan, but there are those in my family who like it.  Well...enjoy the tangy yellowness today...  Ugh.

Respect for Parents day!!  Sad that they'd need a day to emphasis this, but there ya go.  Tell your kids!  lol

Sandcastle Day!  Makes me wish I was at the beach and building sandcastles...sigh.  Here's a little video clip from Youtube on sandcastles that you  might like...  ;)

Okay - have to break for Happy...lol  "give me all you got and don't hold back...I should probably warm you, I'll be just fine, ....because I'm happy!"

Okay - I'm back.  ;)

Spiderman Day - Everyone that likes the newest addition to the multitude of movies of spiderman raise your hand!!  I sure do. The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) Poster And now they're remaking it yet again...sigh.  Some people!

US Air Force Day! Yeah!!  My brother was in the Air Force when I was a teenager and I thought he was sooo cool.  My family has great military background, but he was the first to do the Air Force.  Parkers are big on the Navy, so it was brave of him to choose that, lol.

Well, we have a baptism later in the day and then family swim party tonight, as well as a family BBQ tomorrow that we're holding to meet my son's future in-laws....oh boy.  Nothing like summer, right?

Well, hope you have an awesome day.  ;)


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