Happy Saturday...

There are just a couple of silly holidays that I couldn't not post about, so here ya go.  ;)

Best Friends Day - didn't we already have a best friends day?? Or something like that...but I guess you can't thank your best friends too much, right?  That's what makes them your best friend!  ;)

National Relaxation Day...hey, sort of an excuse to take a day off, right?  And it's Saturday!  so, go party at the beach.  August is half way over!

World Honey Bee Day.  Since I love honey, and we need bees to make the honey, celebrate!  Make sure you aren't spraying too much pesticides (which is supposedly part of the problem) on your flowers and plants.  We don't spray ours at all, but I rarely see any bumblebees.  Saw a huge one in Yellowstone last month... ;)
and there's this cool new way of building a hive so that you don't have to smoke the bees...have you seen it?

it's awesome.

Well, that's all for today.  Hope you have a great one!


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