Happy Wednesday!

It’s Wednesday…the middle of the week already.  Boy, and we’re supposed to get rain…what else can be great about this day???  Anyway – there hasn’t been much to be silly about before today, and so here’s a quick list of stuff to celebrate should you be in the mood.  ;)

Today is National Dog Day… so, if you happen to have one, like them or have a photo of one, good for you.  ;)  Personally, I’ve discovered I like them a little more than I thought, but I’m still not a dog person.  Give me a cat anytime, lol.  Now If I could just get rid of the three that are in my house…anyone want a fox hound???

National Toilet Paper Day!  Yeah!!  I don’t know about you, but Toilet Paper is the best invention EVER!!  I shudder to think of life without it…  UGH…

Tug of War day…I guess if you like to have tug of wars, this is your day.  I think my daughter does this with her dog…lol

Women’s Equality Day.  Well…here’s to all us working women who are showing our equality.  Personally, I thought this was something we celebrated every day, but ya know.  I like being equal to my hubby in telling my kids what to do…right?  ;)

So I hope everyone has a great day!


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