It's Monday and...

The first day of school for our area...
 hundreds of parents taking their kids to the first day of kindergarten, etc.  I don't remember it being such a big thing when I was a kid, but then, I don't really remember being in kindergarten.  ;)

Needless to say, we didn't take our kids to school...we took photos of them and sent them on their way.


So - it's also a couple of fun wacky holidays.  Today is
National Waffle Iron day.
So - if you like waffles, it's a good day to pull out the waffle iron and cook up some.  We made Zucchini waffles...and they were pretty good.  I'll be writing them up on my cooking blog.  ;)

It's also William Wilberforce Day.
 I have to admit, before the movie Amazing Grace came out, I'd never heard of the man.  Great movie, nice story.  Not entirely true to life, but it's good...  ;)  Hm...we should have watched that!

It's also Knife day, but I don't know what that's about - I just figured I'd mention it in honor of my brother.  He makes knives as a hobby, and he's awesome at it.
Here's a letter opener he made for my's dang sharp and we keep it so that no one accidentally sticks themselves with

Hope everyone had a great weekend...I can't believe it's toward the end of August already.

Our son just announced that they want to change their wedding date to the end of we're in for a bit of stress...they want to hold it in our back yard, like our daughter did...sigh...
Wish us luck!!  

Have a good one...  ;)


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