Rain! Yeah!

What's that old Carpenters song?  Rainy days and Mondays...Well, it doesn't get me down today!  I love rain in the summer...I tell ya.  It's nice to have something beside 90 degree heat, lol.
Our weekend was crazy and good...I'm just glad it's over.  Hope you had a good one!  I have two weeks before I go back to work, so I need to paint like crazy and finish cleaning my house and enjoy these next days...
I'm thinking of doing a booth at the local town fest they do every Friday afternoon/evening.  But it's kind of a commitment, and not sure I want to do that.  groan.  I'm such a wishy washy person sometimes...  I want people to buy my art...but I'm too lazy to want to do it every week??  Oh well...

Anyway - today is Friendship Day!  So tell all your friends that you appreciate them, they're what keep you sane!  Well...or insane, whichever the case may be, lol.  ;)'

It's Watermelon Day!!!  My hubby LOVES watermelon.  We had a boatload of it yesterday, so yesterday should have been watermelon day, lol.

But, what it should be is RAIN day!!  I mentioned rain...but I tell ya, we are having an excellent day of rain!!  We're even close to having a flood in our basement, which hardly ever happens.  Fortunately our basement is cement and there isn't anything that would be damaged close to the door.  ;)  I ended up putting a pool floatie outside the door so that it would direct the water away...let's hope that works.  I haven't seen it rain like this in August in a long time...my sister-in-law lives in California, and she's so jealous.  They are sooo dry...and with the wildfires, they could sure use some rain, so keep them in your prayers, huh?

Well...that's it for today.  Have a great one!  Go run in the rain!!  lol


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