Today is National S'mores Day!  Not that I'm a big s'mores fan, but I do like chocolate, lol.  So, you know, anything that has chocolate deserves a mention in my view.  ;)  In my family, quoting movies is like breathing, so all of us like the scene in the Sandlot where the new kid is being introduced to s'mores...

Anyway - and as I've posted on my food blog, we've found an adult way of doing s'mores, which is awesome, in my book...dark chocolate covered pretzel thins with the roasted marshmallows...  YUM.
anyway ...onward...

Paul Bunyan Day...so for those who like to celebrate the legend, it's today!  I guess we could all have large lumberjack breakfast, lol.  We had pancakes, I'm going to count that.  ;)

So, hope everyone has a great day!  It's Monday, it's a new week, our county fair is this week, it's my sons employee appreciation week, and I am hoping to get to see my granddaughters, so we're looking good!!  ;)


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