We Survived!

Lagoon, that is.  lol  I haven't been to Utah's famous amusement park for a couple of years, simply because we aren't interested.  ;)  Our kids love it, and usually go every year, and most have worked there on and off.  We have one working this year, and the biggest bonus to working there, is Employee Appreciation Days!!  that's right, folks, the employee's family gets to go at a fraction of the cost of a regular ticket.
Used to be (when our daughter worked there several years ago) it was $6.  This year it's $15.  sigh.  It's still a bargain, but sheesh...lol
Anyway - so we went with most of our family yesterday.  Got to spend a little one on one time with granddaughters!
Isn't she a cutie?  She's not quite sure about Grandma...she is a mommies girl.  ;)

They liked playing in the fountain...

and then the youngest finally fell asleep.  ;)

It was a LONG day...and we didn't even get there till after 1..sigh.  I managed to not get sunburned, which is always a plus.  Hubby got to come later, and we all went on Rattlesnake Rapids...and I didn't get the brunt of the waterfall, which was nice.  When we went earlier with my granddaughter and niece, I GOT SOAKED!  sigh.

Anyway - today is the Davis County Fair, and I entered a painting and a photograph, so keep a look out!  ;)

It's also National Lefties day...and since we only have one lefty in our family, (and he doesn't use it for everything,) I guess we'll just tell him happy day...lol.

Have a good one!


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