Always Remember....Never Forget

At this time 14 years ago I was glued to the TV watching the most horrific thing I had ever seen in my adult life.
The attack of the twin towers.
My husband called me from work and said to turn on the tv.  My older kids had just gone to school and so I turned it on just before the second plane flew into the building.
I sat down, pulled my youngest son close and stared in shock and dismay for most of the day.
The biggest thing I remember about the days that followed was the silence of the skies.  The thankfulness for the fighter jet planes that flew in their scheduled rounds from Hill AFB.  The fear that another attack would happen.
My family has done their best to always remember.  We aren't really good at getting out to the fire stations and police stations to show gratitude, but we always do something to remember.  Usually it's watching 9/11, the documentary that the two french brothers were filming at the time of the attack.  It's awesome.  Talk about reality tv...  Or 9/11 the movie with Nicholas Cage.  It's not the best, but it's still good.  We talk about that day.  We remember together.
I hope that on this day of infamy, you and yours remember how precious our freedoms are, and how thin the thread is that holds them.  Tell them you love them...and never forget.


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