It's Fall!!

I LOVE this time of year.  I love the leaves changing colors, I love the cooler night air...sigh.  This is one of my favorite times to be alive.  ;)  So, I haven't been able to write as much as I'd like, we've been sooo busy with the wedding, it's like we have no life.  Yesterday we still went to the temple though, so it was all good.  ;)
Today we have some silliness as I won't be able to post for a little while - we're moving the desks out of the sunroom for the dancing, so that makes it a little difficult, lol.

Today we have some really silly items, so hope you have your funny bone ready…

Bright Pink lipstick day!  Okay, so Tom wouldn’t think this was that cool, lol, but it’s for Cancer, of course.  It’s kind of a cool site, and if I’d known about it ahead of time I would have looked for some bright pink, but that’s a color I don’t own in lipstick, lol…

Math Story Telling Day.  Well…this goes along with the districts drive to encourage math, right?  How did you use math today??  Lets see…if we are having a wedding reception where we’re serving peanutbutter bars, and there are 30 bars per sheet, how many sheets will I need to make? ….  Ugh.  These were always the problems I hated in school for some reason.  (Will you just write the numbers out for Pete’s sake??) Now I’d much rather have them in that form…interesting.  ;)

National One Hit Wonder Day.  Oh boy, everyone knows one…that one great song a group did and then never really had success after that?  What’s your favorite?  Mine is Believe it or Not…the theme song from Greatest American Hero…remember that show??  Sigh.

Vegan Baking Day.  I guess this is to encourage everyone to use items that aren’t from an animal…so no eggs, milk, cheese, butter, honey…  won’t be me!  ;)

Along with that, we have Hug a Vegetarian Day.  That should be easy, doesn’t everyone know someone who’s a vegetarian?  My daughter used to be one…until I made my smothered pork chops, then she gave up.  Afraid I don’t know any personally…this could be more challenging than I thought, lol.

Love Note Day!  Everyone write a love note to your significant other today!  (not like you need an excuse, but ya know) It will totally surprise them because it’s not valentines.  ;)

And last…it’s Save the Koala Day.  I didn’t know we still needed to save them, but ya know.  We are trying to save all sorts of things right now…there was just a news event this week about somekind of Grouse that’s doing better than expected here and won’t be put on the endangered list….

And, because I don’t want anyone to miss out on it, tomorrow is National Museum Day, and there are several museums in Utah that are participating with the Smithsonian and offering free entrance…including the Gateway Discovery Center and The Leonardo!!  So, everyone go enjoy for me, I’ll be too busy stringing lights and Tulle in my yard…lol  You have to get tickets online, here’s the link:

So, everyone enjoy the lovely weekend!  I know I will.  ;)


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