Back to the....Past?

Okay - so Back to the Future is officially on everyone's mind since today is the day they used in the 1985.  Everyone thought the world would be SOOO much farther than it is. 
In some ways it did improve...alot.  Just think about DVDs and cell phones and flat screen tvs.  Heck, my hubby is installing computer monitors at his work the size of tv screens, with the CPU built in...wild. 
Everyone is all wanting to know about the gimiky things where are the hover boards?  Flying cars?  Dehydrated pizza?  Self tying shoes? Automatically drying clothes?
I think we're long away from flying cars...hover boards are apparently in the works and who wants a dehydrated pizza...I do think the self drying clothes would be good, especially for kids!! ;)
Anyway - so for those of you who like's a clip of some of the top 10 moments of the films.  Enjoy! 
Great Scott...time to get to back to work!  :)


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