So - today is National Chocolate Day!!  Love to celebrate this one.  :)  already started with yesterday...I was craving chocolate, so I made a quick batch of chocolate fudge pumpkin cookies that are SOO easy...

I'll post the recipe on my food blog....

Anyway - I'll have to figure out if there's something else I want to make today.  Probably not...there's still cookies left over.  :)  of course, that's unless my sons get to them before I get home...sigh.

Anyway - have an excellent day!!

(chocolate photo found on the also found the keep calm and eat chocolate one... didn't see any credits to give reference hopefully no one is upset with me!)

I have to say - every since the phrase Keep Calm and...came out, people are putting it with everything.  I think I'll make one for the upcoming month of NaNO...

Keep Calm and Keep writing!!  lol


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