Saturday was Fun...

I agreed to help with a fundraiser type thing on Saturday, and it was soooo much fun.  It was for Gigi's playhouse,
which if you haven't heard, it's a lovely place for Downs Syndrome children and their families.  They operate for free for those families, and it was an honor to help with the 5k run/carnival on Saturday.  I'm hoping next year is even bigger.
I was there doing face painting, and it was sooo much fun, I can't stop saying it, it really was!!  Right next to me were the wonderful evil queens...Queen of Hearts, Cruela De'vill, and Maleficent.  They were kept company with Ariel (we wondered where Ursula was) and on our other side were Anna and Elsa.  The queens were getting ready to leave so I begged my hubby to take a picture of them, as they had been making us laugh all morning.
They were happy to oblige, and you can see they were all so charming!

And then there were the kids...  I had fun with all of them.  :)

I really enjoyed the Queen of hearts though...she said that I was an incredible face painter, and I was glad she wasn't yelling "off with her head", lol.

They were so believable, that some of the kids were reluctant to come see them.  They kept assuring them that they were nice!  Really!  :)

I was a little stiff...and since I was sitting most of the time (as is usual when face painting), it was REALLY hard to stand up and walk.
You see, I'd tried revisiting my youth on Thursday.  I played volleyball with the women of our preparation for a tournament that starts this Thursday.  I wasn't sure what I had signed up for...I have to admit that I haven't played volleyball in YEARS!  Um...decades??  That's so ODD. 
Anyway - I was relieved to discover that I could still play...did rather well considering my age and shape...(ugh) and went home feeling like it had been the most fun in a LONG time.  (can you tell I like to emphasis things?)
Sigh.  And then I woke up on Friday morning with leg muscles that were screaming at me. OH my.  They didn't feel somewhat normal again until yesterday.  I'm serious!  I could hardly hobble - I felt every minute of my over 25 years old body - and then some.  I didn't get a bruise on my wrist until Sunday morning...which was interesting.  I'm wondering how to wrap it for the game on Thursday so that I don't make it worse...since that's how I serve.  (I know, underhand is so old school, lol)
It was so funny...I kept asking one of the other women - "So, what does the score go to now?  How does the scoring go?" etc.  I mean, I had to update my brain...
But it was fun.  I wish I'd thought of signing up in previous years.  sigh.
So...gauntlet is down ladies.  If any of you have had thoughts of playing volleyball and had played in your youth but you're afraid of embarrassing yourself...already been done and no one cared.  LOL
Have a good one.
today was Grouchy Co-Worker day...  don't really have any, so I posted this video from Studio C on the most annoying co-worker...I figure that works.  :)


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