We Survived! And boy...it was worth the wait...

I’ve had a wonderful week off, and fortunately, you didn’t miss much by way of silly holidays.  Aren’t you glad?  Lol  And just in case you’re curious, wedding went well, yard survived, fountain looked cool, and we had a wonderful trip to Fish Lake…sigh.  The leaves were AWESOME!!  I hope to share some photos in the next couple of days...right now we're still digging out the TV room of all the furniture stuffed in there to make the dance floor that no one used...sigh.  It was all good...room got deep cleaned, ya know?
So…today we have a couple of fun items that I thought I’d share.

Today is National Kale Day!  For those of you (like me) who love just about everything Kale, it’s an excuse to eat this wonderful veggie in full force!  Even those of you who can’t stand the thought of it would probably eat the soup at Olive Garden…you know which one I’m talking about, the Zuppa Toscana with sausage and kale…YUM.  Anyway…I like it sauted, in casseroles, salads, etc.  I usually put it in my green shake when I get it made.  So…let them eat KALE!  ;)

It’s Walk to School Day.  Since we don’t have to walk to school, I guess it’s more to encourage kidos to do that…my children are all grown out of high school, so no more walking to school for them.  It’s kind of a days walk to Weber U in Ogden, lol.  Well, maybe not a day, but toooo long to get anything else done.  ;)  And I don’t know what the big deal is…when my kids were all in school they walked to school every day until they were in high school.  (unless it was snowing a blizzard, raining cats and dogs or under 20 degrees, lol – I’m not totally heartless!)

And last…
You Matter to Me Day.  That’s the truth folks,…it’s a real day.  And you know what?  You all matter!!  Everyone is important.  It reminds me of the phrase the help was teaching the little girl in the movie The Help.  You is kind, you is smart, you is important.”  So take that thought with you through the rest of the day, because all of you. Are. Awesome.
Have a good one!  ;) 


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