Happy Monday!

You survived the weekend!  So did we.  Sigh.  I tell ya, it was definitely not a relaxing one.  Can you believe it's November already?  Crazy how fast October went!  Well...just a few fun things for today.  Hopefully everyone had a great Halloween, we had fun!  My granddaughters came over and I got to paint their faces
and then went trick or treating at GG's care center (great grandfather).  They loved it.
It was a crazy weekend beyond that though...sigh.  We didn't get any trick or treaters!!  :(

So...today is Fill Your Stapler Day...good to have on the list...especially for those of us who continually use them.  😊  Although, why do we have to have a day to remind us??  lol

Cookie Monster Day!! 
Yeah!!  That means we can all eat cookies like the cookie monster, right?  Well...at least eat cookies.  we ought to take a poll and find out what the favorite cookie is.  I'm voting for chocolate chip...  (this was off the internet....)

and last that I'm going to mention is Plan your Epitaph Day.  Hm...is that like writing your own obituary?   A little morbid, but also on the side of what have you done with your life and what do you want to do?  A little thought provoking.

Well...it's a great new week...we might even get snow Wednesday, last I heard.  Everyone ready for winter??  It's that time of year!  And...for those of us grandmothers...Only 7 weeks till Christmas!  Oh boy...

and ...even more important (depending on your priorities, lol)  Only 4 days till the new Peanuts Movie comes out!!  I tell ya, we're counting the days in my house.  😊 
(I got this off their gallery)

Have a good one!!


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