It's Snowing! it's only flakes, but it's all good!  Apparently tomorrow it's supposed to actually stick... 😊  happy dance....

Well, just a few fun things today.  It's Thursday!  It's snowing!  Life is good.  😊

It's also Love Your Red Hair Day.  So...if you happen to have red hair, it's your day!!  Hmm...don't really know a red head...oh wait, my hubby's nephew's  Didn't Ariel have red hair?  :) 

National Men Make Dinner Day!  (And Brownielocks site says they must cook, no BBQ allowed, lol.)  Awesome idea...I'll have to figure out how to encourage my hubby to cook tonight...or my youngest son.  I guess he's technically a 'man' so he could do it...  😊  My hubby says that since he's married me he's forgotten how to cook and if I die before him, he'll starve to death.  :-\

Do your husbands like to cook? I'd love to hear what their specialty is.  My hubby cooks an awesome sloppy joe.  :)

Have a great day!!


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