We got snow!!

I hope you had a great weekend and Thanksgiving!  Personally I'm excited about the snow...though my husband will tell you that I've been complaining about the amount, lol.  An inch??  Really??
Cider Monday - I like this one!  We love cider at my house.  Some hot cider with left over pie??  Yum!

Cyber Monday - I think it's interesting that both of these are on the same day, lol.  Anyone do black Friday?  My son's work actually counts that as a holiday.  Good grief.  What does that say about our society??

Computer Security Day - not sure why they'd have a day for this - but if you don't have a security system on your computer, you really need to consider it.  There are lots out there that are free...and during black friday specials you can get rebates on them like McAfee or Norton for .5 or $1 after rebate type stuff.  Worth the effort.  

National Meth Awareness Day - I saw this and had to laugh.  Studio C did a spoof on some kind of TV show, and it was a MATH teacher tutoring math...it was hilarious.       I guess it would be funnier to those of you who worked with me and Math is a big thing in our district, so it's funny....but Meth is a serious issue and I hope no one things I'm making light of it...sigh.

Stay Home Because You're Well Day - I like this, because it's like the take a sanity day. Today would have been good with the snow.  But all of us hope to be well.

Hope you had an awesome Thanksgiving, and are ready to start the Christmas season!
26 days to go...


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