Only 8 days left...

 Hi everyone - It's Thursday and we're all so excited, right?   

So, there wasn't a lot of fun stuff, so I'll sift through and see if there's anything worth writing about, lol.

Free Shipping Day -
for all of you who are still doing shipping for Christmas, this is a big day to do it. Would be a good day for all those last minute gifts  (which is most of mine, lol)  Be sure it's a retailer that participates, lol.

National Re-gifting Day - I think this is kind of haven't got the gifts yet, how can you regift them?  But of course, perhaps they're meaning the gifts you got last year and want to give away this year...isn't that what White elephant presents are all about?  lol

Wright Brothers Day - I thought this would be good, I didn't know they had a day dedicated to them.  Think of where we would be today if they hadn't been determined and creative with their vision.  Amazing.  

Well, everyone have a terrific day!!  Only 8 days till Christmas!!  


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