Happy Monday!

We had a busy weekend...sigh.  That's how December invariably ends up, ya know?  Is it like that for you??  Did you catch the Devotional last night?  We didn't...we were in the middle of the traffic of it though...and hope to watch it tonight.  :)

Just a couple of things today

National Pearl Harbor Day of Remembrance - This is a day we always watch Tora Tora Tora, or Pearl Harbor.  Although, I think watching Battleship works too because of the last half hour of it where they use the old battleship and the crew from WWII.  It's awesome... here's a little clip you can watch during lunch... (and just so ya know, there is language - sorry.  We have a language blocker on our TV, so we don't hear it when we're watching it, I keep forgetting that there is lots of cussing...)

 But anyway, we'll be making candy tonight, so I don't know that we'll get the movie in too.  sigh.  

International Civil Aviation Day - 
I would think this is similar to the Civil Air Patrol day, but perhaps not.  Anyone out there fly?

And last...for those of you who go to the fair or any carnival JUST for the cotton candy...today is National Cotton Candy Day - so now that you can buy it in bags, go find yourself some at the store and enjoy.   Personally, I have a hard time eating sugar and air with no real flavor, lol.
Have a great day!!


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