It's Friday! and only three left

Till Christmas, can you believe it??  UGH.  Are we all ready?  Can I get a nay?  I'm not!!!  lol
I hope you've had a great week and are looking forward to fun this weekend.   

Well, we only have a couple of items of fun today.

Faux Fur Friday - I guess this is to encourage those who like fur to not harm the little animals and use fake fur.  Personally, I like fur, but I wouldn't own a large fur coat.  I have a coat with a nice fake fur hood and it suits me just fine.  

National Cookie Day - good day!!  I think this is Cookie Monsters favorite day of the year, but ya know.  Is that politically correct anymore?  I understand there isn't a cookie monster, now it's a broccoli monster or something like that.  What has the world come to??  So, everyone make cookies today, it's your civic duty!  lol  My favorite is dark chocolate chip of course...  what's yours?

National Dice Day -
a game anyone?  I think everyone has played with dice sometime in their life, especially if they've played a board game or Yatsee.  From what I've been able to find, they've been around for centuries.  They even found an ancient Bacamon set from like 5000 years ago with dice.  I think I'm glad they don't make it from bones anymore...that just seems a little morbid, though I guess it wasn't human bones.   I think this would be a conversation for Halloween, don't you?  Anyway - make cookies and play games.  You'll be accomplishing 2 things on the wellness chart! 

National Salesperson Day -
I remember talking about this last year.  Those poor long suffering salesclerks that have to help you find the perfect gift, put up with whining complaining customers and children, and work extended hours while everyone shops for the holidays.  However...the practical side of me must point out that it is their ya know.  We can still be nice to them and call them by name, right? I found a great Studio C skit  (or rather, my hubby did. :)  that highlights an annoying clerk...but shows how they do so much at that check out, lol

anyway...Have a good one!


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