It's Friday!!

And we know how to party!  Especially since today is Have Fun at Work Day!!  &#X1f60a  And we all know how to have fun at work, right??  Turn on some dance music and move around the desk...Here's a good Alex Boye video to dance to.

Curmudgeons Day - Who's your favorite Curmudgeon?  I have to say, I don't think many people even know what that word means, lol. And, I don't really know anyone who is like that.  Do you?

Freethinkers Day - I think everyone should celebrate this idea.  Aren't we all freethinkers?  At least we are free to think, right?  Hmmm

National Pre-school Fitness Day -
okay - really?  You have to promote preschool fitness? At that age you need to encourage them to take naps, lol!  At least my kids were active. Do you think this is another symptom of our society?  Hm.

National Puzzle Day - puzzles!  We do them on family vacations because if we try to do them regularly, the pieces get lost.  :-/  We did one at Island Park last year that drove us crazy!!  We never did finish it...1000 pieces are tooo many when you have snow and water landscapes!  Just sayin'...

Thomas Paine Day - this apparently goes along with freethinkers day - because Thomas Paine was a big believer of free thought.  He published Common Sense in 1776, and I think many of its precepts are good today.  Share the thoughts!

And last...the food for the day is National Corn Chip day!  Isn't that a favorite for the super bowl?  Oh well, we don't really eat corn chips.  How about a tortilla chip!!? 

Well, have a great day, and a super weekend. 


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