Happy 2016!

I can't believe how fast 2015 flew.  And it's Monday already, and we're back at life in general.  I had a nice break with my hubby, and we really wished it could have been longer. 
I like my job - I tell people all the time that I think I've probably got the best job in the world - but I was telling my hubby last night, it's still a 'job'.  It's still work away from home and from him and that's just not always great.
But - it's all good, right?  It's a new year, new month, new week...new Monday.  And I'm glad to be alive.  :)

There is lots that are silly to celebrate today, so see if anything tickles your fancy.

Blue Monday -  So...if you are one of those that hate Mondays, apparently this is the worst day of the year.  There is some dispute, apparently, as to how scientific the forumla was where they arrived at this conclusion, but personally I think being the first Monday after the holiday season makes it so no one wants to go back to work, lol.

Divorce Monday -
having a sister that's a divorce lawyer, I already knew this week was the big week.  She's told us many a story about how they always try to make Christmas a big deal before throwing in the towel...sigh.  You got to feel for the kids...I guess the judges and lawyers dread it.

National Weigh-In DayFor most people, I think this is preceded by the whole resolution bit - need to loose weight.  I don't do resolutions, so this isn't a big day for me.  I already know what I weigh, lol.  I am always looking at trying to loose weight and be healthy...that's why I have that other blog about cooking. What are your thoughts??

"Thank Goodness It's Monday" DayOf course it's really a different word, but I don't see a reason to leave it that way.  I think this is the complete opposite of Blue Monday, and it's interesting that they are the same day.  It's all about perception, right?  Some people are just so glad to have all the partying and craziness behind and get back to the regular routine.  Some are wishing it wouldn't ever end.  Which one are you? Personally, it's just a Monday...but I am torn between the idea that either the party goes on, or we get back to normal.  It depends on the day which way I feel, lol.

Tom Thumb Day - Did you know this was a real person?  I always thought it was some kind of nursery rhyme.  But this was a midget (before they called them that) that performed with PT Barnum under the name of General Tom Thumb.  Interesting.  Now you know&#X1f60a

Trivia DayWell...since you're getting a bit of trivia, it's already celebrated, right?

World Braille Day - This is Louis Braille's birthday! (Happy bday!! - it's also my second to youngest son's bday, so we're celebrating anyway.) I don't know why they don't just celebrate that instead of world braille day, but who knows.  I guess they want to raise awareness for those who are sight challenged...  I think figuring out a bunch of dots with my fingers would be SOOO challenging.  sigh.

World Hypnotism Day - I had to laugh. I'm sorry, I know that hypnotism helps some people, but I'm a little reluctant to open myself to someone elses control.  &#X1f60a  I never was able to be hypnotised in those big group sessions in the high school theater when the hypnotist came to town.  It was great fun to watch, and I always wanted to be up there acting like someone else, but it never happened.  I've heard that it is beneficial, but apparently not for me.  Have you ever tried it?  It's supposed to be great for weight loss or stopping smoking, etc.  That's apparently what this day is for, promoting all the benefits and debunking the myths.  Well...I've yet to meet anyone who it has really worked for, so that's my side

Hope you  have a great day!! 


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