I made it through the night...

Ugh...I tell you - I really thought last night that I wouldn't be going to work today.  I felt awful!!  And I was running a fever and ached in my knees and ribs, and yada yada...
fortunately I felt good enough to go to work as I don't have any more sick leave...sigh.  I do have one more personal day and one more comp day...so if I have to - it's there.  I'm just hoping it's not going to be a have to!!!
Anyone else have this gunk and have any suggestions on how to get it kicked for good??  I take airborne, I have a humidifier going, I've taken a clay bath, I drink wassail..cough syrup and cough drops...  UGH.

So - let's get off the depressing and onto the silly thought for the day.  Today is National Hugging Day!!  that's got to be one of the nicer ones.  I love giving and receiving hugs - So everyone get out there and hug your family - hug your friends!  I'm not sure I'd recommend hugging a stranger, but ya know...whatever floats your boat.  :)  Here's Sandra Boynton's tweet for the day... if you have a twitter account, you can tell her she's awesome...  :)

It's also New England Clam Chowder day.  Boy...that's one of my favorite soups, clam chowder.  So if you have the time, I'd try this recipe - it looks yummy!  We had cheese soup last night, so I think my hubby would rebel if we had clam chowder tonight - besides which he is not a big clam chowder fan.  He's had too many that were fishy tasting.  Poor man.  :)

So...Have a great day - give someone a hug.  :)


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