In Honor of the Past - warning, a little political rant...

Okay - so I'm not real big on some causes, even though I probably should be. I'm also not known to be politically correct, which won't make me any new friends...
That being said - Marin Luther King Jr was an amazing man, and should probably be honored -- but I think his message has been lost.  Our society had so much still has promise if people would take a more active part in it's governing.  I think many have come to the point where they don't feel they really have a voice.
They go to the town meetings, they sign up for the caucuses, they try to encourage others to vote...and yet, the wrong people keep getting elected.
I understand that perhaps the time to really be active was 30 years ago...when I was in the middle of dating and getting married and starting to have children.  Politics was the LAST thing on my mind.  I loved our president, and I thought he was doing a great job. Reagan was amazing.  And then I liked Bush too - don't throw things at your computer monitor - I really liked his son.  Unfortunately, Clinton was in between them, (which was probably why the son was elected in the first place) - and regardless of which political party you are afiliated with, you have to admit that he didn't do ANYTHING to help the image of America.  I don't even want to talk about our current president - I'm sorry, but I pray every night for the man simply because we are to pray for our enemies.  I view him as an enemy.  He is an enemy to the family, marriage, and freedom of religion. we remember Mr. King and his impassioned speech about his dream.  I hope all of you have some idea who this man was and what he was trying to do.  I hope you have taught your children.
I am thankful that I grew up without such prejudice in my life.  I had no idea that people could treat others in such a way.  It hurts every time I see a movie that portrays it.  My heart goes out to those that lived through it.
I don't believe the same problem exists today.  I'm sorry, but all the rioting and protesting about the issues in Mississippi? (sorry, don't remember the exact locations and don't want to take the time to research it right now...shot me) Is about entitlement.  They have been fed the garbage that they are entitled to things because of the past.
I know of black (I'm sorry, I don't feel African American is appropriate.  They are black.  I am white.  Should everyone go by their ancestry?  So we're Irish American or Mexian - instead of hispanic - etc.  I don't feel they should be singled out as special because of the color of their skin.  I'm sorry...don't hate me now) people who are wealthier than I am.  Who have better schooling and opportunities than my husband and I have had.  I'm happy for I'm happy for anyone who is able to get ahead of things in life.  But I find it difficult to think someone else deserves better than what I have simply because of race. I think we should all have equal opportunity and pay, regardless of race.  No one is entitled to more than another simply because of who they are or where they were born.
My family and I are going to watch Selma today so that they can get another view of the man that shaped history.  We've read and watched books and movies like The Help and discussed life at that time, and how fortunate we were to live where that wasn't such a big issue.  At least I didn't see it in California and later Utah.  Could be I was blind..
Okay - so enough of that soap box....sorry.  :)
Onto the rest of today...
National Day of Service - I guess that's tied to Martin Luther King day...I've also seen it associated with other days, so who knows. It is always good to perform have fun!!Pooh (Winnie The) Day - (Illustration by well known artist EH Shepard) 
One of my favorite days. My mom was big on Winnie the Pooh before it became popular. She has an etching of Winnie the Pooh on her gravestone...we'll always associate her with him.
Thesaurus Day - This is only because I'm a writer and use it a lot...whoever came up with the idea was brilliant!!

I guess I've been a little verbose today, so I'll stop.  Hope you all have a wonderful day and that it's been a relaxing weekend!  


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