It's Friday at Last!!

Finally, right?  I don't know why, but this week seemed long to me.  And then there are others who've said it was short, so again, we have perspectives, lol.
Anyway - lots to do, people to see, places to go, yada yada.

Today is National English Toffee Day - Well, since we just finished the holiday season, anyone who has English toffee left is probably throwing it away, so if you have any...enjoy!  I don't think we do, I'll have to ask hubby, since he makes the wonderful stuff.  

Midwife's Day or Women's Day - I'm not sure why it is both midwifes and womens, I guess if you are a woman and you're not a midwife, then they don't want you to feel left out, lol.  I think midwifery is a special field...kind of like teachers of special ed.  

National Bubble Bath Day
- Okay, if I just had a deep enough tub, this would be awesome.  I'll have to see if my granddaughters want to celebrate, lol.

  I LOVED bubble baths when I was a kid.  My dad's fiance had a bunch of packets of scented stuff that you could pour in, and it was my favorite place to imagine being a princess, lol.  That was probably TMI.  Go relax tonight!

 Show and Tell Day at Work- I guess you're supposed to help bring out the child in you by sharing with your co-workers some of your personal life so that you interact better with people or build social skills....whatever.  I think it's silly, but if you think about it, people are showing and telling at work all the time.  At least if they decorate their desk in any fashion.  Almost everyone has a photo of their family and will tell you at the slightest inquiry about them.  I have photos of my little granddaughters...I have a fan that my daughter painted for me for mother's day and the little word magnets that a co-worker gave us for Christmas one year.  I have a little striped Zebra that I found at DI to match my groups jungle/wild life decor, and snowmen, that I think are silly. 
I collect snowmen, in case you wondered, lol.  So, anyway, that tells you I'm a little eclectic... Or's up to you, lol.  If you me want to share something that's not visible from a desk, I do calligraphy and paint...I do cards every year for Christmas and you saw that one yesterday... or was it the day before??  anyway, there you go.
 I also wanted to show this tree outside the window at my office.  I just love when the snow coats things like's so pretty.  This photo doesn't really do it justice, but ya know.  It was my phone, lol.

So, whatever you decide to share, have fun and have a great weekend.


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