It's Friday!! thanks heavens...

Okay - I know it's been a short work week for me...and I've been a whiner for most of the time because I've been sick...but I'm really glad it's Friday.  Just sayin.  I was making up some birthday cards yesterday...and didn't realize till I was all finished that I'd put the inside inscription UPSIDE DOWN on the INSIDE FLAP.  So that you know, when you open a card you expect to see the words facing you, right?  These are upside down an opposite of that.  UGH.  I guess that's what happens when you try to do stuff when you're sick...
wanted to share some pictures I took on the way to work this morning...the sunrise was awesome!!
I just love the colors!

I had to share.  If I'd had my lovely camera, they might have been better, but it's hard to say.  My camera didn't have a good zoom...these were from my phone!

So...anyway - onto some silly stuff.

Today is Answer Your Cat's Questions Day - Personally, I don't think they really want answers...they just like to bug us.  You've heard that joke about the diary of dog and the diary of a cat, right?  Here's a version of it...the cat portion makes me laugh.  

Celebration of Life Day - Yes!!  I think we need to celebrate this every day.

I just wanted to mention that tomorrow is National Handwriting Day and National Pie Day (not the math pie, lol)  So, honor those who have amazing handwriting (which my children are NOT in that category) and be sure to have a slice of pie!!


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