It's Wednesday! ? I thought it already was...

This has been a crazy week.  sigh.  I don't know what the deal is, but I've been mixed up on the days.  Today is actually Wednesday the 27th, I believe.  I was thinking yesterday was the 27th.  No idea why...

today...has an item for a more thoughtful day around the world.  It's Holocaust Memorial Day - and I think we could have a moment of silence for that terrible time in history...not just the holocaust, but for all the people that have killed in the shadows, under the name of dominance...Its my understanding that more Jews were killed in Russia than were killed in the death camps, but no one heard about it until after wards.  Something like 80 million?  Don't quote me...I don't have time to validate it, so give it some thought and perhaps look into it.  Our world can be a very sad place sometimes.  I have to say that I'm glad I know there is a God that loves us.

On a brighter note - it's also
National Geographic Day - now I have to say that National Geographic has become quite the 'green' magazine with an agenda.  I wasn't aware of it when I was a kid and went over every issue that came in the mail.  I just loved the photography!  They do have some amazing photographers on their staff.  I have a thick book at home that has some of their best stuff in it.  Did anyone see the big full moon this morning in the western sky?  I really wished for my camera right then!!  Anyway, click on the link if you want to see something inspiring.  We can all use some beauty in our day.  :)

And sorry - Monday was National Bubble Wrap Day!  How could I have missed it?  The best stress relief known to mankind...and a fun way to tap dance without talent, lol.  I wanted to put the clip of Mr. Magorium's bubble wrap dance here, but it's not on youtube!  Go figure...

But last for today...National Chocolate Cake Day. My favorite cartoonist, Sandra Boynton had a tweet for the day:

 So, make some chocolate cake and relax with some bubble wrap.  Life is good!!


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